Hong Kong International Jewellery Manufacturers’ Show “2012”


Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA) is an organization aiming at increasing the productivity and competitiveness of Hong Kong jewellery manufacturers. Since 1995, HKJMA organized “Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers’ Show” to assist members to explore local jewellery market. The show keeps a steady growth in terms of number of exhibitor and visitors throughout the years and it becomes one of the Asian major jewellery trading events and serves as an immediate sales platform for local, regional and international buyers.

The Challenge

HKJMA distributes visitor passes to every visitor during registration. By scanning barcodes on visitor passes, it has recorded the number of visitors entering and leaving the venue. However, what they have on hand is simply the raw data, which requires further processing before carrying out meaningful analysis. Moreover, those figures is not a perfect reflection of the people flow for, as visitors may leave without passing by all the booths. While the people flow and conversion rate (the percentage of people passing by a booth enter the booth) are of much use for HR and marketing, it a “mission impossible” in the past as neither Infrared-based nor thermal based people counter can be apply in a 15,744m2 columnless area with almost 10m high celling.

The Method

CyberSense is the perfect solution to make the impossible dream come true. With its IR 3D reconstruction technique, CyberSense can be installed in any places and count more accurate than the human eye. In “Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers’ Show 2012” (HKIJMS), HKJMA used 20 sets of CyberSense in key aisles of different sections and crossroads to see the variation of people flow in different regions over different time periods.

The Benefits

It is of much use to find out the co-relation between the footfall data and time in different sections. Visitor preferences and visitors behaviours can be studied through the data. For example, if Region A has more people flow in day 1 while Region B has more people flow in day 2, by crossing over with the registration data, we can find out the different preferences of different groups of visitors and carried out more segmented marketing. Quiet spots can also be identified in this way that staff schedule optimization and people flow management can be implemented. Moreover, as the exhibition is organized every year, the figure obtained this year would became a valuable reference next year. The data can use to optimize channel setting and planning, human resource planning, opening hours setting and even promotion campaign planning.


The partnership between HKJMA and CyberArts is a huge success. The people flow data collection and analysis service by CyberArts is proved to be very useful on assisting HKJMA to allow enhance HKIJMS visitors’ customer experience.